Hedda Gabler

Photo from rehearsal on location.

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Hedda Gabler

Juni Dahr is artistic director of Visjoner Teater and fronts an actorbased theatre. She has developed a distinct artistic profile unique in Norwegian theatre through her work with Visjoner Teater, and the company visits international theatre festivals. The venues where they perform are typically untraditional in Norway and other places in the world. Visjoner Teater and Juni Dahr have received several awards for their work.

Henrik Ibsen’s drama is moved out of the traditional theatre space into realistic settings, it is staged on location as a site specific performance. This enables both audience and actors, to experience and rediscover Ibsen’s texts and the conflicts in a naked, direct and unfiltered way.
Artistic director and performance concept: Juni Dahr
Text: Henrik Ibsen
Text adaption: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen
Directing by: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen, in collaboration with the actors

Hedda Gabler: Juni Dahr
Jørgen Tesman: Lars Øyno
Eilert Løvborg: Hauk Heyerdahl
Judge Brack: Robert Skjærstad/Kai Remlov/Bjørn Skagestad
Thea Elvsted: Nina Woxholtt

Costumes: Silje Fjellberg
Producer: Marianne Roland

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes.

Hedda Gabler opened in May 2011 at Sæterhytten in Oslo, and has been part of the Ibsen Festival in Oslo in 2012, 2014, 2016 Hedda Gabler has been presented at The Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy in Lodz in Poland 2014,the Fadjr Festival in Teheran in Iran January 2016, The Almada International Theater Festival in Lisbon 2016 where the performance won the prize of honour, The Natouri Int.Ibsen Festival «Ibsen Now» in Tokyo, Japan 2016. In July 2017 the company was invited back to the Almada International Theater Festival in Lisbon, where we played 6 sold out houses, and Juni conducted 4 workshops on «Playing Ibsen».
In September 2017 we are back at Sæterhytten in Oslo. Visjoner Teater are extending our collaboration with Oslo Kommune and DKS to present Ibsen to a young public.

Hedda Gabler was nominated to the Hedda-prize in 2011: Sæterhytten gives a new dimension to Hedda Gabler. The surroundings and location becomes part of Hedda Gabler’s world with the fading daylight, the city in the distance, the sky, trees and birds and nature at Bygdøy. The performance was nominated to Hedda Prisen 2011 for “outstanding artistic contribution”.

«Hedda Gabler at Sæterhytten is one of the most intimate venues at the Ibsen Festival, It is in fact not a stage at all. You are invited in to Hedda Gabler’s living room at Sæterhytten and exeperience Ibsen from the inside of Hedda’s house. You can’t get closer than you do watching this performance».

“Henrik Ibsen is moved out of the theatre and into a real room. This gives power and a realistic understanding of what takes place in Ibsen’s inner drama.” Aftenposten

«This is a pure and true Hedda Gabler in a setting that works: torn between a closed room and nature.» Dagbladet

“This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a perfect Hedda Gabler.” Kulturspeilet

Find your way to Sæterhytten, Hedda Gabler in Oslo: The address of Sæterhytten is Bygdøyveien 30. Catch bus 30 outside the National Theatre to Bygdøy and get off at Frognerkilen, a 10 minute busride. Then a 10 minute walk through the woods to Sæterhytten, marked from the bus stop at Frognerkilen. Arriving by car there are parking possibilities in Bygdøyveien.

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, FFUK, FFLB, Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen, DKS i Oslo, Ministery of Foreign Affairs.