La maladie de la mort (Duras)

La maladie de la mort på Grand Hotel, Oslo

With Juni Dahr and Lars Øyno

Idea Juni Dahr. Text by Marguerite Duras. Translation Kjell Helgheim. Visual design Gabrielle Kielland.

Marquerite Duras

Instruction Tonje Gotschalksen. Producer Marianne Roland

Performed at SUITE 254 GRAND HOTEL OSLO  from 22 April 2010.


Press review

«It is penetrating, beautiful and awful (…) a text so heavy with erotic, the death wish and longing, one can barely breathe.»

Vårt Land, Liv Riiser, April 24 2010

«One has to respect Visjoner’s ambition to explore erotic in such a demanding, revealing intimate format.»

Therese Bjørneboe, Aftenposten, April 25 2010

«With a silent, un-theatrical intensity Juni Dahr and Lars Øyno brings the violent, but really still unreleased erotic tension of the text to life. The interaction between them is strong, precise and finely tuned.»

IdaLou Larsen, Klassekampen, April 28 2010